Imagine what life would be like if you never second-guessed your writing.

You know that your writing style reflects who you are to your clients, but creating content can be stressful. You're passionate about your work, but you just don't feel like a writer. Every time you create new content, thoughts like these keep running through your head:

  • No one reads my posts anyway.
  • I know I could get my ideas across if I could stop worrying about spelling and grammar.
  • My writing is too wordy.
  • It’s easier to share my ideas through conversation.
  • How are other bloggers even getting posts out? This is hard!
  • I'm just not cut out to be a writer.

Confident writing isn't a talent that other people born with and you have to do without.

It's a skill that can be honed and improved until your words flow naturally and clear writing is second nature to you. The Self-Editing Handbook can help you get there.


The actionable tips, tools, and checklists in the Handbook will make it easy for you to

  • stop worrying about whether you sound professional so you can focus your energy on your next great content idea.
  • use a step-by-step approach to check and strengthen your content.
  • skim an important email before you hit "send" and know at a glance that there are no typos.
  • know once and for all if you need that extra comma so you can confidently hit "publish."
  • quickly create your next clear, engaging blog post, course, or ebook.
  • confidently defend the price of your course or ebook because you know it’s flawless and professional.
The Self-Editing Handbook is the perfect guide for writers looking to take control of their writing. As I finished The Self-Editing Handbook, I couldn’t help but feel giddy—-it was like Ashley had given me all the tools I needed. Now all I have to do is start writing!
— Nikki Tran, Wedding Photographer and Etsy Shop Owner


The Self-Editing Handbook includes

  • The four stages of writing and editing the publishing industry uses to create and cultivate high-quality content on tight timelines.
  • A fast, step-by-step way to run your content through those four stages as you work.
  • A framework that enables every piece of content to catch your audience’s attention.
  • A questionnaire showing you how to ask for useful reader feedback, how to interpret it—including what not to act on—and what to do about it.
  • Grammar and punctuation tutorials, examples, and exercises so you can improve on your technical skills.
  • Editing checklists to make sure every piece of content is flawless before you publish.

In chapter 1 . . .

You'll learn the ins and outs of developmental (content) editing. You'll narrow in on your ideas and get a clear picture of your ideal reader so you can create top-notch content that engages with your audience from the moment you start writing.

In chapter 2 . . .

You'll discover how to find a writing voice that's professional yet conversational. You'll learn exactly which writing tone is best for sharing your unique message with your ideal reader and how to channel that voice every time you write.

In chapter 3 . . .

You'll get down and dirty with the elements of grammar, style, and punctuation. You'll have a step-by-step process for creating your own brand's writing style guide, so all of your content is consistent. You'll brush up on some of the most confusing grammar and punctuation rules, and you'll gain additional tools and resources to help you if you get stuck. Last but not least, a copyediting checklist will help you quickly check your writing for common errors.

In chapter 4 . . .

You'll get comfortable with the tips and tricks the best in the business use to proofread a final product before publication. You'll be aware of exactly how to deliver a quality ebook or e-course to your audience, and your proofreading checklist will make sure nothing slips through the cracks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Self-Editing Handbook really improve my writing?

The Handbook is no magic pill, but if you put in the effort and do the work, it will. You'll come out the other side with a stronger understanding of what your readers need from your writing and a step-by-step process for how you can deliver it to them.

Will using the Self-Editing Handbook method add hours to my writing process?

Most of my clients are already struggling through long, unproductive writing sessions. It’s natural to be concerned that adding more into your writing process could complicate things. But I’ve found that The Self-Editing Handbook actually decreases the amount of time my clients spend writing! When you have a deeper understanding of your writing process and a simple, flexible system to follow, it becomes easier and faster to write. Like any new system, it might take some extra time to get used to, but my clients gain that (and more) back once they’re comfortable with their new writing process.

How is the Self-Editing Handbook delivered?

The Self-Editing Handbook is immediately delivered in a 100-page PDF guide for you to download at the time of purchase.

What if my download didn't work?

I'm so sorry about that! If you're having technical difficulties, shoot me an email at ashley [at] brookseditorial [dot] com, and I'll get a copy to you ASAP.

If the book is delivered electronically, why do you need to know my location?

Sales tax is a tricky beast that requires me to know the physical location of each of my customers. The good news is, I pay any and all sales tax due, so there's no extra cost to you, no matter where you call home!

What if the Self-Editing Handbook doesn't work for me?

Because The Self-Editing Handbook is a digital product, there are no refunds available. However, if it isn’t working for you, I'd be happy to chat with you and see if we can find a solution to your problem! Email me at ashley [at] brookseditorial [dot] com if you feel the Handbook isn't living up to expectations.