Tried-and-True Strategies for Returning from a Blogging Break

Blogging is like riding a bike. (Or a horse. Or driving a car. Many modes of transportation are applicable here.) You take a break, and then you feel weirdly nervous when it's time to get back to your regular routine.

Maybe you planned for some time away so that you could take a vacation or go on maternity leave. Maybe it was an impromptu blog break because you just needed to get off the hamster wheel of content creation. Either way, you're ready to pour some love into your blog again . . . but you just can't seem to do it.

You open up your website and draft five different posts with stilted introductions and rambling content. You get frustrated at all the time you're wasting. You shut your laptop and figure you'll try again tomorrow.

Coming back from a blogging break doesn't have to be as awkward as all that. Follow these tips to get back on that blogging bike (horse, car, etc. etc.) once and for all. It will be like you were never gone!

Tried-and-True Strategies for Returning from a Blogging Break

Be Strategic

Blogging consistently is generally a good thing, but sometimes we get stuck in the trap of blogging just to blog. A break is the perfect time to reevaluate your blog and business goals and make sure your content is aligned with what you want to achieve.

Ask yourself what's working about your blog and what isn't. Are there any small changes you can make to keep you headed in the right direction? You'll feel ten times more excited to return from your blogging break if you have a solid content strategy guiding the way!

Work Ahead

Do you remember how nervous you were to hit "publish" on the first post you ever wrote? By publishing again and again, you eventually overcame that fear of letting others see your work. Now that you're out of the habit, those old jitters may be making an unwelcome return.

The fear isn't in writing the post, it's in sharing it. Draft a batch of posts without sharing them, or schedule them for sometime in the future. (Is it just me, or is scheduling way less scary than publishing right that instant?) You'll rebuild your confidence in your blogging skills AND work ahead so that you have a buffer of posts ready to go.

Get Back in the Writing Groove

You probably had some sort of writing ritual before you took your blog break. Maybe you wrote in a particular spot, burned a favorite candle, outlined in a pretty notebook, or played a certain playlist to get your ideas flowing. If you can't get started blogging again, it's time to go back to basics.

Our minds hold onto those small habits far more than we realize. Even if you're trying to blog with a new baby, a different schedule, or in a new location, you can still use little rituals to turn your blogging brain back on and get you into your writing groove.

Don't Apologize for Your Break

Most bloggers get stuck figuring out how to explain their absence. Should you dedicate an entire post to explaining where you were? Slip in a quick apology at the beginning of the post? No and no. You shouldn't apologize at all!

Feeling the need to apologize usually means that you feel guilty about taking a break. That guilt is a total waste of time---don't let it keep you from coming back! Apologizing for being gone only draws attention to your absence, and it distracts future readers when they stumble upon your post in the archives. If you experienced truly life-changing circumstances that you want your readers to know about, it's okay to share that with them. But don't waste words on a "Sorry I haven't been around lately . . . " post.

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