My Method for Creating an Intentional Blogging Process

Have you ever tried to commit to a blogging system that actually works . . . only to find that it doesn't actually work?

Every blogger has their own personal preference for how blogging works best for them. That's why you're constantly frustrated when you try another blogger's system and it doesn't work for you. There's nothing wrong with the system, it's just that you're different people. 

But I do believe that having a strong blogging system is a million times better than trying to get blogging done here and there, when you feel like it. I've been there, done that. All it ever resulted in was blogging burnout and a small audience who never knew what to expect from my blog.

Blogging can be worth it for your business, but only if you blog with a plan. 

How to Create an Intentional Blogging Process


My system for creating an intentional blogging process is really more of a loose outline. That way you can customize it so that it actually works for you.

Here's how to design an intentional blogging process in just two steps.

1. Write down your current blog process

Sometimes we think we have a process for something, but we really don't. You might be wasting precious mental energy thinking about how you're going to blog instead of just following the same steps, every time!

Pretend you're letting someone else take over your blog. You need to explain to them step-by-step how to make each post happen. Write it down, in detail.

I'm guessing you ran into some trouble. "Sometimes I do this, but other times I skip this step, and if I'm running behind I might blog this day instead of that day . . . " Nope. That's the opposite of blogging intentionally.

The good news is, now you know where the gaps in your system are. Highlight them so you can fix them in the next step.

2. Create a routine

You'll take so much stress off your plate if you follow a blogging routine instead of making it up as you go along. 

Use these questions to create a blogging routine that works for you and your business:

Write down any steps that need to happen every single time you blog.

This includes brainstorming ideas, writing posts, creating blog images, doing SEO research, promoting the post on social media, etc.

Write down who does each step.

Do you outsource or automate any part of the process? Do you wish you outsourced or automated certain steps? Jot down who does what, along with any ideas for steps you'd like taken off your plate.

Write down when (and how often) each step happens.

Are you going to batch your blog work, or write each post start to finish in one shot? Will you work ahead? Will you dedicate one day a week or month to blogging? Which day will you focus on designing blog graphics? How soon in advance will you schedule posts?

It might feel like there's a right answer to those questions, but there isn't. I definitely have my personal preferences, but what works for me might not work for you. Try something new if your current system isn't working!

Schedule those steps in your calendar.

This is where the intentional part comes in. Now that you're working with a set routine, you'll be able to set aside time regularly to get your blogging duties done---without everything happening at the last minute.

This also helps you stay consistent in your blogging schedule since you're setting aside time to blog in advance instead of realizing at the end of a busy week that you haven't written a post yet.

Write down how each step will be executed.

Where will you keep post ideas? How will your designer communicate with you about new blog graphics? Which tools will you use for SEO research? Will you write posts from your favorite coffee shop? Will you use a concentration app to help you stay focused while you blog?

This step might feel like overkill, but it's important to know how the magic happens. The how is the secret sauce behind your blog process. Writing down the tools and strategies that work for you make you more purposeful in the way you approach your blog. (Plus, if you ever outsource, you'll have a ready-made plan for your assistant to follow.)

Intentional blogging can work for you

See your blogging process starting to take shape? Blogging is a lot less stressful if you know exactly how and when everything will be done, every single time.

As a bonus, if you decide to outsource some of your blog work, you now have a ready-made instruction manual to pass along to whoever you hire. (Psst! If blog editing is on your list of things to hand off, I can help you with that!)