How to Outsource Your Blog Work: 3 Essential Questions to Ask

There comes a time when every creative entrepreneur looks up and says, "I can't do this all by myself anymore."

For me, that time was in 2014 after I had my first baby. And then again last year when baby #2 was born. Suddenly, I didn't look at outsourcing as something that would be nice to do someday if I could afford it. Outsourcing is now essential to keeping my business running and my sanity intact.

Outsourcing is something people would rather gloss over, even if you consider yourself an intentional business owner. You'd rather be more efficient with your time, try new productivity hacks, or take a digital detox. These are the things that will lead to a slower life and a successful business.

But outsourcing? That just sounds expensive and scary.

That's what I used to think, too. Now I realize I was just being prideful. "This is my business. I don't need anyone else's help," I thought. Plus there was the issue of pay. I reasoned that I could keep more money in my pocket if I just taught myself how to DIY everything.

Maybe that was true before kids, when I had endless time to work. Now? Not so much. 

If I want to run an intentional business that serves me and my family well, I need to rely on others to help me make it happen.

Blogging is the perfect place to start when it comes to outsourcing. It's a time-consuming process that doesn't directly earn any money—working on your blog isn't billable time.

If you want to know how to outsource your blog work, start by asking yourself these three essential questions.

3 Essential Questions to Ask Before Outsourcing Your Blog Work

3 Essential Questions to Ask Before Outsourcing Your Blog Work

Outsourcing is a fantastic way to run an intentional business. But those hesitations you might be having—How can I afford this? Will outsourcing really save me that much time?—are founded in fact. 

You'll spare yourself stress and money if you make smart decisions about outsourcing right from the start. Ask yourself these three questions before you decide to outsource your blog work. 

1. What does your blog process look like?

You can't hire help if you don't know what work needs to be done. Write down your blog process form start to finish. Do you create an outline, braindump into a master list, plan ahead with an editorial calendar?

Once you see every step of the process written out, you'll have a better sense of which tasks could be handed off to someone else. This is also a good time to pay attention to how long each step takes you to complete. That way you'll know exactly how much time you can save yourself through outsourcing.

2. Which tasks do you dislike or find distracting?

I'm guessing it won't take you long to pick out the tasks you dread doing. Those are obvious short-list choices for outsourcing. But have you ever thought about handing off the jobs that are boring or that always seem to be pulling you away from more important work?

Distracting tasks may not seem worth outsourcing, but the time you waste trying to focus on them could often be spent in better ways. (Like doing actual work from paying clients, or spending an entire work-free weekend with your family!) If anything jumps out at you as being too time-consuming or tedious, it's worth looking into outsourcing.

3. Which tasks are you just plain bad at?

We can't be good at everything! I'm guessing the tasks that aren't in your wheelhouse are the same ones that take a long time and aren't fun. Stop torturing yourself and hand that work off to someone who's an expert at it!

Personally, I'm terrible with design and photography. I used to waste hours trying to take a decent photo for a blog post or find something relevant on a stock photo site. But it took for-ev-er, I resented every second I spent designing blog images, and the end result never looked as professional as I wanted. 

Outsourcing the design of my blog images is one of the best business decisions I've ever made. It's saved me at least two hours a week. That's more than four days a year I can spend reading, taking walks, sipping cocktails with my husband, playing with my kids, or otherwise enjoying my life. 

I'm not saying outsourcing will save you as much time as it's saved me, but it has the potential to free up more time than you could imagine. 

Are you ready to outsource your blog work?

Your best bet is to outsource any tasks that prevent you from living the life you want. Consider getting rid of any tasks you don't enjoy, you aren't good at, or that suck your time away.

If editing blog posts falls into one of those categories, I'd be happy to help you out! I offer ongoing blog editing to take care of those nitty-gritty grammar errors so you never have to worry about your writing appearing unprofessional again. Learn more here!