Is Your Blog Distracting You from Your Business? Here's the Solution

When I first started my business, I was working all the time . . . even though I only had one client and was making very little money. I wasn't spending all that time building up my portfolio, pitching new clients, or building up business connections through marketing.

I was blogging. Not very well, either.

Running my blog in the early days of my business took up about 80% of my time and brought in zero return on investment.

Blogging with a content strategy can be an awesome way to market your creative business, but I was missing the "content strategy" part of that equation. That's the crazy thing about blogging: It can trick you into thinking you're making progress on your business when really, you're just wasting time.

I'm a huge fan of defining your own version of success . . . but let's be honest: businesses are designed to bring in money. You have a huge problem if blogging is taking you away from client work that actually pays you!

Don't let your blog steal your focus away from the rest of your business. Follow these tips to avoid blog distraction and put your focus where it counts.

Is your blog distracting you from your business? Here's the solution.

Set focused goals

I obviously think blogging is an important marketing strategy for online business. (It's kind of my job.)

But I see way too many business owners blog about topics that are all over the map because they don't know how to make their blog support their business.

That means a whole lot of wasted time.

Understand exactly how your blog will support your business. What will your goal be for your blog? What specific steps can you take to make that happen? How will you measure your progress?

(Psst! If you want help getting your blog goals on the right track, take the free Content Challenge!) 

No amount of blogging is worth it if it's not helping you achieve your business goals. Get clear about what you want your blog to accomplish for your business and how you'll make it happen. 

Get organized

Have you ever stayed up past midnight trying to get a mediocre blog post ready to publish by the next morning because ohmygosh my business will fail if I don't publish this post at exactly 8:00 a.m. tomorrow!

We've all been there, but we never need to go there again.

Stop blogging at all costs. It's stressful and ultimately causes more harm than good. (Does a rushed post really convince your audience to hire you . . . and is it worth the tradeoff of being tired and less productive the next day?) 

If blogging is taking up too much time, it's usually a sign you need to get organized. 

Get your blogging shiz together with some smart systems. Be honest about how much time you actually have available for blogging, and use an editorial calendar to schedule your posts within those time constraints.

Create a better blogging workflow

Many business owners make blogging harder than it has to be. 

It's time to write a post. You're not feeling very inspired, so you browse social media to help you think of a topic. An hour later, you finally start writing, but the words aren't flowing easily. Then there's a blog graphic to create, and social media promos to schedule, and revising and formatting your post . . . 

Creating one blog post should not take an entire afternoon.

Use these tips to help you revamp your blogging workflow:

Give outsourcing a try

Blogging is always going to take time, but it doesn't always have to be your time. Outsourcing is the lifesaver many business owners need to make blogging more manageable. 

And before you tell me that you can't afford to outsource, let me ask you a question:

How much money are you losing out on because blogging is distracting you from more important things?

Did you have to turn down a client due to lack of time? Or maybe you put creating that e-course on the back burner again because there aren't enough hours in a day. 

Stop letting your blog get in the way of running an intentional business. 

Outsourcing is a fantastic way to make sure your blog never distracts from the rest of your business. Interested? Let's chat about how I can take content creation or blog editing off your plate for you.