6 Things to Blog about that Will Increase Sales for Your Creative Business

Blogging for profit has become this weird vortex where expert ninja gurus teach the rest of us how to blog . . . and because they found success blogging about blogging, that's what you think you should blog about too. Before you know it, everyone has a blog about how to start a blog. We're all just yapping at each other in a giant echo chamber instead of adding actual value to the online space. I've seen a ton of creative entrepreneurs with passion projects and unique business ideas get sucked into the vortex. Instead of a variety of awesome blogs about sewing your own clothes or hyper-local gardening advice or craft beer, we've got a whole lot of creative entrepreneurs talking about the same old thing: blogging and online marketing.

This is the part where I feel like the world's biggest hypocrite because, as a content marketer, talking about blogging is part of my job description. But I don't only blog about blogging! I also write about creativity and intentional living and solopreneurship. I'd like to think those things set me apart from the people who are all about blogging, all the time.

I don't know about you, but I'd like to step out of the echo chamber and spend more time reading about interesting things that have nothing to do with blogging. Believe it or not, you can blog successfully for your business without writing about blogging! Try these topics the next time you're not sure what to blog about.

Not sure what to blog about for your business? These 6 topics will never fail to increase sales for your creative business!
Not sure what to blog about for your business? These 6 topics will never fail to increase sales for your creative business!

6 Things to Blog about That Will Increase Sales for Your Creative Business

1. Educate your readers.

The whole point of blogging for your business is to get readers interested in your products or services. Your blog is a great place to share with your readers the why behind what you're offering.

For example, if you make all-natural soy candles, write a post about why soy candles are better than any old candle you'd find in a store. Include details like soy candles release fewer toxins when they're burned, and they last much longer than regular candles. Not only do these posts get your readers interested in your product, they also convey the value of what you're offering.

2. Show your readers how their lives could be different.

Similar to educating your readers, your blog posts can also show them how your product or service could improve their lives. You may think this would sound too salesy for a blog post, but it doesn't have to be.

You could write a post for your candle business about how to choose a scent depending on the effect you're going for (relaxing, stress relief, energizing, etc.), or 12 times a lavender-scented candle could turn your day around for the better. Those are topics that would genuinely help your readers and drive sales!

3. Share your process.

Readers love seeing behind the scenes of their favorite brands. Not only does it give them a stronger sense of connection to you as a person, it gives you an opportunity to showcase the quality of your work. This will help readers see the value in what you're selling.

If you're in a product-based business, snap some photos of your product's progress from idea to finished product. If you're service-based, share photos of your workspace or outline the process you follow and the tools you use to make things happen in your business. (6 Ways to Blog More Efficiently with Batching and 3 Editorial Calendar Tools for Bloggers are two of my posts that follow this model.)

4. Overlap your business with your readers' interests.

This type of post has the potential to create more connection and engagement with your readers than any other. It's the magic combination of topics that interest you, topics that interest your reader, and topics that will drive sales. So how do you figure out what this overlap is?

Get to know your readers and find the natural intersection of who they are and what you offer. For example, many readers who are interested in natural soy candles are probably fans of relaxation and meditation techniques, finding joy in simple things, and other all-natural products for the home, like cleaners. These are all possible areas of overlap between what your business offers and what your readers are interested in hearing about---and they're probably things you're interested in, too!

5. Be vulnerable.

There's much debate about how personal to get on a business blog. The answer is different for everyone, but I do believe that some level of vulnerability is essential if you want your readers to truly get to know you and care about your story.

That could mean getting real about how and why you started your business in the first place, sharing about a rocky time in your business, or admitting that you don't have it all together as a business owner. (#Theimperfectboss campaign on Instagram is a great space to share that last one!) You could talk about deep personal issues and how they affect your business, or you could put a positive spin on things and share how you kept going when times were tough.

6. Teach readers how to do what you do.

This sounds counterintuitive to most entrepreneurs. If people know how to do what you do, why would they ever hire you? That, my friends, is running a business based on fear. That's no way to live your life!

The reason this works so well is because many of your biggest fans are genuinely curious about how you do your amazing work. Teaching your method takes them even further behind the scenes and shows them that you're not running a business based on greed and hoarding the goodness, you're trying to offer as much value as you can.

Believe it or not, teaching readers how to do what you do is still a great way to drive sales. A candle maker could teach local candle-making workshops or put together a Make Your Own Candle Kit to sell in her shop. A service-based entrepreneur could design a workbook or e-course to offer readers a more affordable way to get results than by hiring her directly.

What will you blog about for your business?

The options are limitless when it comes to blogging for business. Don't get sucked into the vortex of writing about the same things as everyone else!

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Do you ever feel like you have to blog about blogging? Where do you turn when you're not sure what to write about for business?